Stingray and Parrot fish.

Date: 14-03-2021 Time: 0145 hrs Rod: Century Kompressor 13ft. Reel: Shimano Torium 30

Rig: Long Snood Bottom Feeder Bait: Defrost squid

Its already early Sunday morning. He had already pack up almost everything except his surf rod which is still casted out. Tide is already going down but current is smooth. Suddenly a reel screech got him excited. It was his reel. He grab his surf rod and strike hard. Yes fish on….The bend on his rod tip part tell that the fish is in good size. I started to prepare my gaff. He slowly fought it back. After some struggle, the fish is no match and surface up. Bernard volunteer to gaff it. I passed him the gaff. He did it on the third try and bring it up. It is a long tail brown stingray weight around 11 kg plus.

In the earlier day time, Simon Yeo landed a 2.8kg Parrot fish just below the jetty on a light spinning set with live prawn as bait. He also caught a palm size red snapper with green eye squid strip as bait on his surf rod on last Friday night. Both fishes was keep alive on oxygen pump to stay fresh.

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