Brown Stingray

Date:14-03-2022 Time: 0120am Rod: Century Vectra 13ft. Rig: Long snood bottom feeder. Bait: Fresh squid.

Tide was on the way down. Current flow was smooth. He already about to go back and started to pack his belonging when suddenly his reel screaming. Simon was first to grab the rod and strike hard. Fish on…The rod tip part had quite a good bend and we know the fish is quite sizeable. The fish struggle for sometime before started to move inward. Vincent the rod owner now took over. He fought for awhile before the fish surface up. A big long Tail brown stingray. Simon grab the gaff and got it on the mouth. I bring another gaff and hook it on the nose as we don’t want to kill it. We brought it up, have a quick picture and the fish was released back. From the size, estimate about 22-24 kg in weight.

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