Big Queen Fish

Date: 22/04/2022 Time: 19.00hrs Rod: Century Kompressor 13ft Reel: Shimano Torium 30 Rig: Long snood bottom feeder Bait: Fresh Tamban

Today weather is good. Tide is on the way down and current flow is good. Live bait is plenty if you jig hard. We got enough bait and each of us cast out a surf rod with bottom feeder rig. Bait was lasting at this point of time.

Around 1900hrs, Ah An surf rod sets got a short scream on the reel. I shouted to him and he strike hard. His rod had a good bend on the tip part and I know it is a good size fish. I start preparing my gaff. The fish initially fought hard. But gave up half way into the fight. Ah An manage to bring it in near the jetty and I gaff it up. WOW!!…a big Queen fish…Quite long we never see this type of sizeable fish appear on the jetty. I weigh it and it hit the scale at 5.3kg.

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