Holiday Night Bonus

Date: 20-05-2019      Time: 2110hrs      Rod: Shoreangler spinning surf 9ft.       Reel: Silstar AT 80 spinning       Line: 30lbs mono line      Rig: Long snood bottom feeder      Bait: Fresh Tamban

Headed down to the jetty around 1730hrs as the hot sun had dim down. Purposely go early so that still got daylight to jig for some fresh bait.

By now the tide had already turn up. After having fresh bait, I set up two sets of tackles all on bottom feeder. Baits was lasting after few check. The waiting game is on.

Around 2110 hrs, while I was talking with a friend, I saw my rod tip bend forward and bounce back. I pickup the rod and strike. Fish ON…Immediately I got the feeling of a threadfin fish at the end of the line. I told my friend to grab my squid net to standby.

True enough, when the fish surface, it is a threadfin and its bigger than my two previous catches early this month. It fought quite well during the surface part before my friend able to scoop it up. It weigh 2.4kg. Another score on my self made rod from scratch.



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